windows security centre says Comodo turned off [Resolved]

Hi, I’m new to Comodo and this board, although I have had CPF installed for a while and everything was running ok until today when windows security centre says that ‘comodo firewall reports that it is currently turned off’. It gives recommendations, but that only turns on xp’s own firewall. I have checked in comodo itself and it says that App. Manager is On; Network Manager is On; App Behaviour Analysis is On and Protection Strength is Excellent, but I can’t find anywhere to opt for activate/deactivate/reactivate. Can someone help please. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

welcome, andinn (:WAV)

It’s not too uncommon to see this happen after a reboot, when you log into Windows. The reason is that the GUI (application interface) that you see the icon for in systray, is the last part of the firewall to load, but that’s what WSC checks for. Thus, WSC may say the firewall’s turned off when in fact it’s on; the drivers/firewall engine load during the boot cycle so they are running from the get-go.

If this is occurring at a time other than following a boot & login, please let me know. The WSC Repository may have become corrupted and need to be rebuilt.


Run Ewen’s script. It will refresh the Windows repository directory and recover some sense into the Security Centre.

I have just turned on my computer and checked the security centre and it says comodo is currently turned on. I didn’t get back to work at my computer before closing it down last night, so I didn’t get trying any of your answers, but thanks for your help. I have bookmarked this page for reference should it happen again. Thanks again.