Windows Security Center

I am not sure what the process is to get Comodo Antivirus 2 and the upcoming 3 versions added to Windows Security Center detection in Windows XP (I assume Vista has a similar feature), but it should really be done. I get tired of telling Windows Security Center not to monitor the antivirus program it cannot find when I know Comodo Antivirus is installed.

Just disable that dumb security center. It is completely useless. You know, what security software you are using :slight_smile:

It works fine in CIS Beta2 on XP as soon as you disable the antivirus the security centre notifies you are at risk.

That’s not the point I was making. People I do computer work for need this whereas more advanced users do not. I know it can be disabled, but it is still a nice feature. You can drive a car without a steering wheel using a wrench but it is so much more enjoyable having a steering wheel.

You mean, you enjoy watching those 3 green lines saying that AV is working, FW is working and the Updates are on ?

What’s the point ? Why do you even need to visit the security center ? 88)

But anyway, COMODO Antivirus is recognized by the Security Center. :slight_smile:

No it is not. That is why I created this thread, lol.

I mean, the version 3 BETA, not 2 (:SHY) Sorry (:SAD)

CAVS 2 is more or less obsolite and will never be further developed. CAVS 3 (Part of CIS) is far better at catching viruses than CAVS 2 ever was! Even the beta is far more impressive!

As Commodus says, CAVS 3 (CIS) works well with Windows Security Centre.


Are the version 2 definitions still being updated?

Yes they are


Is there a set cut-ff date yet?

Final version… First half of October last time I checked with Umesh (Staff Comodo).