Windows Operating System

Can someone explain what exactly it is blocking, why it happens and how can i prevent this ?
I really don’t like to see so many blocks on my logs :-[

You are directly connected to the internet without a router in between your computer and the modem. What you are seeing is the background noise of the web.

I see you are using at least one peer to peer client (uTorrent). Is that the only one you are using? I see a lot of traffic headed for port 6874. The cause of that may a recently closed p2p client; that will generate traffic for hours until the network figured out your p2p client is off line. Did you recently change the port uTorrent uses?

When the firewall receives incoming traffic that is not picked up by any program the log will say it was blocked by Windows Operating System. That is not a real process like System idle process"" in Task Manger is not a real process. Hope that explains it.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes uTorrent is the only P2P client I’m using and i did not change my port.
Is there anyway I could prevent this as it really annoys me to see my logs getting spammed.

There is not much you can do I think. In your configuration, where you probably stealthed CIS for all unsolicited incoming traffic and have no router between your modem and computer, that is what happens. It may look intimidating but it simply tells you that the firewall is doing its job.

A solution would be to use a router. Then almost all unsolicited incoming traffic will be handled by the router.

Thanks for all that help, I really appreciate it ;D