Windows Operating System Events Blocked

Hi guys I’m getting very confused using CIS’s Firewall I want to play online some games of the Call of Duty Series, in order to be able to host matches and have an optimal ping I need to have my NAT open I thought I was able to configure everything with the router and in the options from the firewall, the game tells me the NAT is open but when I exit the game I notice to have several new events blocked by the firewall and it tells me that the Application it’s the Windows Operating System so I’m worried if I should add some Global Rules allowing any ports used by the game so those connections won’t get blocked. Do I have to configure the same ports in Global Rules used by the Application in the Application Rules tab???

When CIS does not see a program listening to incoming traffic it will log that as being blocked by WOS (WOS is a pseudo process like System Idle Process in Task manager).

It will take a (little) while before all other player’s computer figured out you are off line. During that period you will see their traffic being blocked.

That is nothing to worry about. The firewall is doing what it is supposed to do: block unsolicited incoming traffic (among other things).

Awesome thanks