Windows Mobile 5.0

The root CA that Comodo uses is NOT trusted by the Windows Mobile 5.0 devices?
I am getting this error “INTERNET_45 Certificate error”
Thanks in advance!


Please submit a ticket at the following URL for a resolution.

We are working with Microsoft to have our roots included in the next release of Windows Mobile.


Try the attached CAB file first. It’s something we’ve been working on and may solve the problem. It’s not really recommended if you have a lot of devices to worry about, as implementation could get a bit unwieldy updating all of your devices. But, that said, it may solve the problem in the interim while we are working with Microsoft to get our root installed in Windows Mobile by default.
Unzip the file, then upload the CAB file to the device and click to install. It will install the AddtrustExternalCARoot and UTNAddtrustServerCA certificates to the device. It should solve your problem. We’ve had pretty good luck with it on a number of Mobile 5 devices, including some smart phones. If it doesn’t do the trick, see Garry’s response above and our support staff can offer other solutions.
Comodo Support

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Thanks for the .cab file. It did the trick on my Palm Treo 750 WM5 units.
I have the WM6 update which fixes the problem, but on a couple of my units, I don’t have the time to run the full upgrade at the moment, so the .cab file patched it nicely in a very short time.

This was a lifesaver