windows media player plugin

Im not sure you are aware that the windows media player plugin is not compatible with your browser ice dragon,i have uninstalled and re dl’ed with ice dragon browser and still nothing,when can u make this plugin compatible to be used in ice dragon,it is needed to listen to music and watch wmp movies etc…work fine with firefox just not ice dragon, other than that ,this browser is awesome and hope to see a fix soon for this minor draw back,in compatibility…im using a asus 64 bit ,windows 7,with avast,and advanced system care,and iobit malware fighter,but these things work fine with the wmp player using Firefox browser,but not in ice dragon… why is this,can we get a plugin that does work???


Have you tried this?

It’s working for me outta the very same installing of the browser — I’m using the Windows XP’s default plugin which is older than the provided by Interoperability Bridges.

Hope this helps.