Windows media player and Comodo

I just installed Comodo and now I can’t launch windows media player!

Its fully blocking it and comodo never prompted me to allow or block it with a new dialogue box.

When I go to the comodo advanced tab and remove it, I still can’t launch WMP and get the comodo diaogue window that prompts me to allow or block the new application.

How do I get WMP to launch?


Hello. What do your defense+ logs tell you?
What mode are you running in defense+?
Also… Just to be safe… when removing WMP from the blocked rules… did you click apply?

when you see the pop-up just click treat as trusted/windows system application and your problem is solved!

I’ve got the defense section fully disabled, but it was a good suggestion.

I also can’t get the dialog window to pop up to block or allow windows media player.

Once I remove windows media player from the advanced tab, I then can’t launch the WMP program and can’t get the dialogue window to surface asking me allow or block.

How do I get the pop up window to surface after I remove it.


By the way, there is no data in the defence log.

You could also uninstall WMP11 from add remove programs. Purge and Apply on both Firewall and Defence+. Download and reinstall a new copy of WMP11 and tick either the trusted application or windows application boxes. This should solve your problem.

enable defense + and set it to training mode, launch windows media player and let defense + learn the actions of wmp, after windows media player has started set defense + to a different mode or disable it…

I like the idea of setting defence + to training mode and then launching windows media player so it can learn the situation and then disabling defence +.

Unfortunately, windows media player won’t even launch.

I think I’m stuck with un-installing wmp and re-installing it for comodo to learn the program so I can get a pop up window.

than the problem does not seems to be related to defense +, if you have removed the wmp entry out the computer security policy and have set defense + to training mode and wmp does not want to launch… and when disable defense + and you still can not launch it, I think the problem is not related to defense +…

try do a registry scan using comodo registry scanner and reinstall windows media player.