Windows Installer popup and Sonic DLA pop up...[BUGREPORT]

Both those pop ups come after I restart the computer from installing Comodo, also I think not activating office 2003 yet might have something to do with this.

1. CPU (32 bit or 64 bit)
32 bit
2. Operating System information (including Service Pack Version)
windows xp pro all updates sp2

3. Actively-running security and utility applications
Nod32 version 3
superantispyware pro
system utilities for system clean ups/reg clean

4. Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it.
When comodo pro veriosn 3 with and without updates is installed after system restart, a windows installer pop up window comes up, so I cancell it…then a Sonic dla pop up comes up then I cancel again, then another sonic pop up comes up to install pack or somthing like that which I cancel again. This happens when I surf the internet too, when I go to a different page EVERY time.

5. Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.
I uninstall comodo firewall 3 then this bug/problem stops and everything is back to normal.

I updated my info, so I hope the comodo bug team fixes this, because I want to use the new firewall but I can’t. :frowning:

Uninstall Roxio Drag-to-Disc and report back any changes. BTW Do you have a Dell PC?

I’ll try to do as you said asap, but will report tomorrow night on the outcome (hopefully ealier), and yes I do have a Dell.

I have also been experiencing this behavior with another Sonic product, Backup MyPC. with both versions (.268 and .273). It occurs at (1) bootup and (2) when opening new Web pages.

I have Backup MyPC on my Micron desktop system (500 MHz, Windows XP Pro SP2 x32), but NOT on my IBM ThinkPad T43 laptop (1.86 GHz, Windows XP Pro SP2 x32).

However, this behavior does NOT occur on my laptop, even though there are a couple of Sonic applications installed on it (Sonic DLA, RecordNow! and Express Labeler).

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is installed on both machines.


I guess that if the uninstall can fix this issues the installing those product again will not cause this issue to appear again.
Bu we need at least to confirm that uninstall fix this.

If the MSI Installer popup referenced a smaller, less-important application, I’d be willing to uninstall and reinstall it again to test your theory, Gibran.

However, I have no intention of uninstalling a mission-critical system backup application that was working perfectly prior to installing CFP 3.0. I cannot risk losing backup catalogue indexes or any other critical information associated with Backup MyPC.

As I’ve stated in previous posts on this topic, the MSI Installer issue is not unique to any particular brand or type of software. It varies from user to user.

You could submit a ticket to Backup MyPC developers or attempt a repair it the setup has that option. Maybe an update will work too. But sure it’s strange to have a backup software that cannot be uninstalled without losing datas.

Well, I uninstalled sonic dla, rebooted and now it doesn’t come up anymore. I plan to reformatt my computer soon, all I hope for isfor the new updated firewall which will prob come out next week won’t have to make me uninstall sonic dla.

The software can be uninstalled and, yes, the backup catalogues can be preserved for reinstallation.

But that is not the point. The point is that I am not going to spend the better part of an hour or two uninstalling and reinstalling backup software, then testing it to make sure that the backup indexes are intact and working as before.

Circumstantial evidence points to CFP as causing or at least playing a role in the MSI Installer issue.

Backup MyPC works fine in its current installation environment. Why should I uninstall it, when a number of other forum members are reporting the same anomolous behavior under CFP v.268 and v.273? This issue did not occur under v2.4 (and yes, I understand that v3.0 is a dramatically different release).

You may attempt to reistall sonic dla now as is highly probable that the issue won’t happen again.

Related does’t actually means caused by. Testing will help to find an answer.

Hi, I have a desktop HP Pavilion 523n and I’m getting a similar pop-up but it say HP DLA. Its probably a sonic OEM? I’m on XP SP2 and I uninstalled comodo version 3 and went back to 2.4 and I’m fine so far. But I really wanna use v3 so I hope they fix this.