Windows host file question!

Right I’m blocking a couple dodgey sites and advertisements and it’s well annoying to keep seeing “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” on every advertisement :S

Anyone have a solution to just make it ‘blank’ so it doesn’t appear at all?

Cheers lads… Tom

Switch to another browser that has a built-in url / ad blocking capabilities. That’s the best solution.

But if you still prefer IE, there some add-ons (most likely not free).

Cheers for the reply, I’m using firefox but I just wanted to know if it was possible…I try to have as less ‘Addons’ as possible to be honest :slight_smile:

Opera leaves a blank space instead.

Why do I see an Action Cancelled (IE 6) or Navigation message? (IE 7) [return to FAQ]

The Action Cancelled message (IE 6) or “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” (IE 7) is generated by Internet Explorer when entries in the users HOSTS file are preventing access from one or more servers designated in the web page. In most cases this occurs from 3rd party ad servers such as “doubleclick”, where the “Action Cancelled” or “Navigation canceled” message replaces an ad banner in a hidden frame within the viewing page.

To determine if this is the case, right-click the Cancelled message and select: Properties
Look at the entire “path”, (URL) you should see the listed entry. (screenshot)

In other cases the message (page cannot be displayed) is displayed when a user clicks a link in a page that routes them thru a tracking service, or attempts to connect to a listed hijacker, parasite, etc. and this URL is listed as an entry in the HOSTS file. In the event you are unable to determine why you can not access a certain page, you can drop me a note and I’ll try and determine the cause. Please provide the full URL (website page) in question.

On some sites these entries will also cause the “red X” (missing image).
When you open IE7 - The File Download – Security Warning dialog box also refers to the “navcancl” file name

Can I eliminate the Action Cancelled Message?

There are several programs that will replace the Action Cancelled message with a tiny image file.

(Firefox only) Daniel L sends along this tip … in the Address Bar (type)
about:config then scroll down to the following: browser.xul.error_pages.enabled and set to False

Why do I see the “unable to connect” message (Firefox only)

Wayne Haigh sends along this tip: The solution is to set the following in about:config to false:
From the Address Bar (type) about:config (press Enter)

browser.xul.error_pages.enabled [More Info] [Google Search]

Thanks a lot, Soya. Makes FF3 look just like Opera now, with a blank space and legend “advertisement”.