Windows FTP Read Only, Proxy Server?

I just installed COMODO CIS today and I LOVE IT!
CIS 4.1.150349.920 x86 - 32bit
Sadly I’m having this issue, when I try to open up an ftp connection that I used to be able to open up.
(Network Location, added through My Computer)

I get this error and then it just opens a read only ftp in my web browser…
“The folder FTP_Name is read-only because the proxy server is not set up to allow full access.”
Where FTP_Name is the ftp server I’m trying to connect to.

This is an article I found but it doesn’t make any sense to me, maybe someone can make sense of it.

It has the exact error I’m receiving in it.

The really odd part is that I have another ftp connection, that is structured in address just like this one, they both use usernames and passwords in the address to authenticate. But it still works, but this one doesn’t.

It might be something server side of the owners of the ftp server, but this didn’t happen until I installed CIS today.

Here’s a picture of the error.

Here’s a Screenie of my system info

Here’s what it should look like…

I could provide you with a dxdiag of my system but it’s overkill for information.

I pray someone can help me and figure this out : (( :frowning:

Yes I know of programs like filezilla, but I much prefer windows ftp for simple transfers.

Could this be the custom DNS servers?

Apparently I can connect to them, Idk if it was a restart of a change in the program, or the server, but seems to be working now : D
now I’ve almost gotten brianwashed into using filezilla but I still love being able to use windows since it’s right there and built in.


I think you are using Active FTP on some servers causing this.
The message is probably caused because CIS 4.1. default blocks incoming traffic.

Please have a look at your firewall logs and see if something with TCP port 20 in it is blocked.

You can use a FTP client like Filezilla to connect PASV (Passive) so you don’t have to open-up incoming ports.

Otherwise you can chose Stealth Ports Wizard option 2 and it should work again…