Windows Firewall Question?.

Was installing Comodo CIS on my daughters Windows Home Edition XP SP3 PC today. Until now she had been running Windows Firewall and Avira Antivir. There were no problems but I convinced her Comodo CIS was more secure. Prior to beginning I did a scan with Avira which came up clean and also a scan with SAS to get rid of tracking cookies. Apart from three tracking cookies on the SAS scan her PC was clean. I downloaded a copy of CIS v3.10.531 from the main site and stored it on the desktop. I then uninstalled Avira and checked in Program Files and Docs & settings for any remaining folders. Did a search and I switched off Windows Firewall then rebooted. On reboot I opened the Comodo file and it didn’t install properly. I then uninstalled it and rebooted again and this time it seemed to install but although I wanted the complete CIS it only installed the Firewall and Defence + and no AV. I uninstalled it again switched on the Windows Firewall as I had a vague memory of it not needing to be switched off with the later versions of Comodo. On reboot it installed perfectly this time and on reboot I had to update the virus definitions and it was good to go. My question is that now I have a vague worry that it was windows not letting Comodo install while the windows firewall was switched off. Is there any way to know for sure that windows firewall is completely out of the picture and not interfering with Comodo CIS somehow in the background?.

Look at Microsoft security center if it says you are protect by Comodo Internet Security then windows firewall is off. If it says there both on click windows firewall it will open a little box that says turn on(recommended) and off choose off and click apply.

Thanks for the reply Jake12345,
I have checked there and it is saying Comodo in both Firewall and AV. I was meaning somewhere more in the background like services or some other not so noticeable place.

Click start run type services.msc it will open a window of services go down to windows firewall right click it and click properties where it says start up type choose disable and it is disabled.

Thanks again Jake12345,
Doing that will have not affect Comodo CIS will it?.

Problem solved anyway. I happened to click on the Firewall button in the Windows security centre and noticed that Comodo hadn’t switched it off on install. I have now done this manually.

No it would not have affected comodo firewall it just turns windows firewall all the way off.