Windows firewall-Is this possible?

I just turn off Comodo firewall and Defence+ and do scan with Windows Firewall and get this great results:

My question is, is it possible or is it some kind of error?

So what do you trying to say exactly , that Comodo can’t have those results ?
Or are you amazed that Win firewall did great ? :slight_smile:

The other question I would have is: are you behind a router?
You will see the same results if behind a router as the router’s hardware firewall can protect against incoming transmissions also.

I am not behind a router and the point is that I cant believe that Win Firewall did great!!!

Of course that Win Firewall is great at Inbound connections but try to configure it for outbound connections. :smiley:

You have to be kidding< instead of going through all that get behind a router and use comodo… I got those same results with my router and windows firewall when I was using another product. I tried it without router got the same result as with router everything passed. But I do feel safer with router and comodo firewall now.

Yes, but I didnt configure anything, its Win Firewall by default and again I am not behind router!

Curiosity, are you using Windows 7? M$ did improve their firewall with Win7.

Yes I do, I use Win7!