Windows Firewall and Defender

I installed CIS 4 a few days ago, and I noticed that Windows Firewall and Defender were still active. Windows reported that 2 firewall were actives, and 2 “protections” were actives (defender and defense+) at the same time.
Why doesn’t CIS disable Windows protection?
2 firewall is overkill, but I was wondering if it’s safe to disable Windows Defender, does CIS replace completely its function?

You need to disable it manually. Not all programs disable windows firewall and defense + so you need to check it. D+ is so much superior to Windows defender so you may peacefully disable Windows defender and entrust your precious computer to D+

Ok thanks.
CIS can’t do this by itself ?
I think MSE do this for Defender, but I’m not sure…

No, CIS 4.1 can’t do it. I know that it ws mentioned as a wish in CIS 5.0 Beta, so i suppose CIS 5.0 won’t disable it too.

Regarding MSE, you’re right. It disables automatically Windows defender when installed

it isn’t really important because it isn’t a threat or a flaw, but if a novice install CIS, he may have twice the amount of popup, it’s a little bit disturbing.
I happened to see it when I checked my security panel.
I hope they’ll find a way to improve this behavior.