Windows firewall active after installing CIS on Windows 7

Ok so Im running Win 7, with comodo intrenet premuim, and I noticed today in control panel/system and security setting/ allow a program or feature to run through windows firewall had all the settings like core networking and homegroup enabled, and remote access enabled, so I disabled it just to see what would happen becuase comodo firewall is suppose to be blocking all those settings right? it is enabled and my windows action center is telling me under security tab.

But today I went into it just to look at it again becuase everytime i boot up or leave it for 1 hour the homegroup turns on automatically and i thought it was strange the setting where changing, so today i look at it now all the setting are gone its just empty no homegroup buttons or anything, but under advanced windows firewall settings i went into that to delete all the remote settings as they where auto turning on when i disabled them and quit frankly i dont go in my comodo firewall settings because im trusting the experts to sort some of it out for me.

Should i be concerned with the chaning windows firewall settings? even though comodo firewall is running the show? if you have no idea I would totally accept that answer as it is a wierd observation that could lead to potential exploits you may or may not wanna talk about.

Moved. I changed the topic title to be more informative. I also made a paragraph structure for an easier read.