Windows Error Recovery at Start Up with CIS

After uninstalling NIS2009 and disabling the Vista firewall along with the security center last night I installed CIS and I couldn’t be more impressed with how much more CIS does with such a small amount of system resources!

Although I couldn’t be happier with the amazing job that CIS is doing if I shut down my computer which runs Vista Home Premium when I try to start it again I get a black screen with the cursor about 30 seconds into the boot and it hangs before it reaches the log on screen. After shutting the computer down it always starts up without a problem when I reboot even after dealing with the Windows Error Recovery message in record time as compared with the 3 - 4 minutes that it took for the sluggish NIS2009 to come up.

Is there some way that I can boot without having to shut the computer down and reboot or is this some kind of a security measure with CIS?


Can you take a look at the D+ logs and see if you see something flagged during boot time. You can also check the Windows logs in Event Viewer (Control Panel → Administrative Tools) and see if it reports waiting for something.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I did check the CIS D+ and windows event logs, but there were no flags during boot time or any reports of windows waiting for something. I’m hoping to be able to get this problem straightened out because so far CIS is by far the best internet security system I’ve tried and the only thing holding me back from recommending it to all of my friends and family is this little start up problem I’ve been experiencing. I am also very impressed and at the same time encouraged that on my very first post on the Comodo Forum I recieved a reply from a Moderator with the unique experience and insight of someone who triple boots!


Try setting Firewall and D+ to training mode; it will learn all behaviour without user interaction. This is only safe when you know your system is free of malware of course.

Go to Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour settings and set to Training Mode
Go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settins and set to Training mode.

Do this a couple of boots and then put firewall and D+ back to their previous settings. Does this help?

Eric- I’m sure that you hear this a lot, but you are a genius! Putting both the Comodo Firewall and D+ in Training Mode worked the very first time I rebooted my computer! Not only that, but CIS came up a full 2 minutes quicker than NIS2009 used to and did it and with 100 MB less RAM! CIS is so quick and light on system resources that its going to be very easy to recommend to all of my family and friends.

Thank You ever so much for your help…


Glad it could be easily fixed. Yes, CIS is very light in the usage or resources. That’s why I am very happy with it on my older hardware with newer Operating Systems (check my sig).