windows doesn't start after install CFP [RESOLVED]


I want to use CFP, I can install it with no problems, but when system restart, windows doesn’t start. SO loading starts and later everything stops, and only can see windows logo.

I have to start in safe mode to uninstall CFP, and everything is normal.

What can i do? i need a firewall, i want to use CFP

thanks a lot


yes, i have K9 WP. i decided uninstall K9, now i can run CFP. I follow the intructions that you gave me but i can not find key “cmdhlp”. So i 'll try later.

thanks a lot


Hi again…

well, thanks for your help. Now i have k9 WP + CFP, and everything is ok. I have tested my PC with many web sites that offers security audit and all passed with no problems.

I’m very happy with this firewall and with K9…

Michel from Chile