windows doesnt recognize comodo antivirus?

Hello, just a quick question, was wondering if windows xp will recognize commodo antivirus in the future, at current I have to mark in the security section “monitored myself” thingy.Not that big a deal, just a question, thx in advance to any response.

Version 2 when it comes out on the 18th of September will be reognized by Windows Security Centre.


Hi, i have installed Comodo AVS 2 beta two weeks ago and the windows security center doesn’t recognize there is an antivirus software. Have You got the same problem?

try this to get comodo to be seen in security center (if you’re using xp or any other av)…

  • create a restore point, just in case it doesn’t work

  • go into control panel and double click administrative tools

  • double click services and scroll down to Windows Management Instrumentation

  • click pause and keep this window open

  • now go to the \windows\system32\wbem directory and delete the Repository directory

  • go back to the services window and click resume for the Windows Management Instrumentation

  • reboot, check the security center window and it should look almost bare, after a few minutes it should refresh, showing an updated report on anitvirus and firewall

  • this should work with xp and vista with slightly different modifications

  • if not, you have a restore point you can go back to

  • worked for me


If i’m not wrong, CAVS shouldn’t be recognized, as it’s in BETA stage. But once it’s final it will be recognized by Windows Security Center (better disable security center :slight_smile: )


my above post works for any av supported by xp or vista, not neccessarily comodo… i got tired of waiting for comodo vista, i’m using kaspersky and that tip worked… so if you’re using vista and comodo, it won’t work and just ignore the first line and the original poster never said he was using vista

Ragwing, of course, is right. CAVS 2 is not recognized by Windows Security Center since it is in Beta. Eventually, CAVS 3 will be recognized by Windows Security Center. It just needs to undergo testing as I understand it.

CAVS 3 will be compatible with Vista one of these days…

That is all.



Reason: Out-Dated post.