Windows Delay Write Failed BUG

Hello Comodo
I Experienced many Time This Error
as Follow:
Windows - Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file …

Folders Listed Are Windows Internal Protected Spaces Like Windows $MFT that Rootkits Use To Hide Themselves From Users.
after this error you can see that Comodo Protection settings Show All Drives Are HIDDEN.
and There is no free Space and in real there is much more Spaces on Drives.
so it cannot Defrag Snap Shots. but after restart and entering Comodo Console and Delete all Snap Shots and Defrag Them it maybe Come Stable For While.
Screen Shot Attached.
Tanx For Help

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Hi Shahab:
This is because there are no free space on your protected partions.
please delete some useless snapshots and compact snapshots.
BTW: I noticed that there are three “hidden” protected partitions, but this is not normal. I would be very grateful if you could tell me what actions carried out after installed CTM.


tanx for reply
as you see in attachment there is more than 70 GB of free Disk space on All Drives.
and drives Work Normal. but Comodo Shows Drives as HIDDEN.
Just Regular Works Such as
i can delete snapshots in windows environment but it could not Defrag Them and Shows there is no free Space(but there is more than 70 GB free HDD).

in Other hand:
I remember this before that After Uninstalling CTM two of My Partitions Vanished and I Recovered Them by Partition Doctor Software.and …
god…my Home System: when i try to uninstall CTM it asked me if i want to return to previous times? i checked current System and it went to reboot…after reboot it started to uninstall but hanged.when i restarted my system…it backed to 2 months ago…all my Photos… my Wedding Photos vanished.oh GOD

Shahab, uninstalling CTM and recovering the partition (from a backup) will only work if you have made a sector-to-sector restore, otherwise, only the baseline will be restored. All the snapshots are only seen by CTM, without it, only the baseline exists.

tanx for reply.
but what about First issue??
Windows - Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file …
it happened yesterday to Another Machine…
any idea???

Shahab, I’ll guess, I do not know for sure.
Sometimes a driver blocks or delays the saving of a file. Generally, it does not happen.
What I can see by the picture you’ve posted is that you’re running with too few free space in the disk. Remove files/snapshots, defrag the ones which rested and try again.

tanx for reply
witch drive You mean?
Drive C: has 9.20 GB of Free Space
Drive D: Has 7.70 GB of free Space
Drive E: Has 54.2 GB Of Free Space
do you mean Of C: & D: Drives(lower than 10 GB)?
Could you tell me sample Driver That Blocking CTM?
the most Problem is that Windows Shows Too Many popups and Prevent User From Work.
Why CTM Go on While There is No Free Space?Or Dos not Use Free Space From Other Partitions?

The picture (screenshot) you’ve posted shows 0Mb free (i.e., no free space).
You could have deleted old snapshots or files since then.

It “uses” the free space for the snapshots. Without free space it can’t work.

I’m not sure. I’m new on CTM and need to know this also.

Temporary workaround - try disabling write caching of your hard drives in their properties - device manager.

hi again
Today i encontred(spell?) a Problem Again
when i Download big Files From Network To HDD (Like DVD Images) or Manipulating Them(Like Compress it by Checking Compress in advanced Properties of big File) it Shows Same Error.Too many Errors Occur. this is Free Space on Drives but Comodo Shows 0 MB Free Space.What Type Of Free space comodo Mean?some Time it Show 0 MB free Space when There is More than 70GB of free space on All partitions.
when i Try do larg Files there is not Enough Space on Drive C:…
free Space of c: → 8GB
Try to Copy 8 GB DVD Image to DRIVE D: with more than 50 GB free Space
boom … Windows Write Delay Fail…

Windows does not “see” the space used by the snapshots…
Windows says I have 49,8 Gb free and CTM only 30,2 Gb.

But your problem seems other than only this.

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Windows does not "see" the space used by the snapshots
OK.. windows cant see...but Total off all of my Snap Shots are less than 2 or 3 GB..(730Mb+23Mb+...) and so on.. when it cant see spaces occupied by Comodo so it encounter windows delay write it True? Next Time i Upload Complete System Photos To describe More clear... Tanx for Reply

My knowledge doesn’t go so far. I do not know how to solve Windows delay on writing. Hope the programmers of CTM could.