Windows Defender enables itself and disables Comodo Antivirus

Hello, Comodo is disabled in Security Center end Defender is Enabled. if i click to activate as my security provider nothing happens.
if i uninstall Comodo and then reinstall, results activated, but if i check after some days, COMODO results disabled again.
Windows Defender slow down my pc (only 2GB of RAM), i just want to use COMODO and disable Defender, how to do it?

you can do disabled windows defender manually, in options security and updates, click in “windows defender” or “security of windows” and disabled manually…
case not understand see video tutorial: How to Permanently Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10 - YouTube

Thanks for the reply, but re-enable itself again after some time, i’ve home edition so i can’t use group policy to disable it.
more info here: How to disable Windows Defender on Windows 10
and here:

I also use windows 10 home, but disabled windows defender via services.msc or registry…

thanks, it seems to work :slight_smile: