Windows Defender Application Guard - Sandbox for Microsoft Edge and Defender

Introduced in the April Update for Windows Pro (was previously only available in Windows Enterprise), Windows now allows users to enable the built in ‘Windows Defender Application Guard’ that uses Hyper-V for the purpose of protecting both Microsoft Edge and Windows Defender Critical System processes.

This provides a hardware based virtualisation solution to prevent attacks, on for example Edge, getting any further than the browser. In theory this increases the effectiveness of a sandbox solution compared to what Chrome, Firefox or the standard Edge offers.

However, I have been testing this and can confirm it is also a resource hog. Certainly not ready for all Universal Windows Apps, such as games to use, however think that it is a step in the right direction.

It will be interesting in the future with new hardware to see how this is used.

More info here: Microsoft Defender Application Guard - Windows Security | Microsoft Learn

I hope that Windows Defender will work better after the update. Don’t know why, but this gif bellow represents how Windows Defender has worked before :smiley:

Ha ha ha ha ha!

They are improving for sure though. Slowly.