Windows cannot access to the specified device....& COMODO firewall


I tried to figure out my problem. This morning I boot my Vista (x32) bussiness edition to test my program.
There were some update from microsoft and an update from comodo firewall. I did all available updates from microsoft and after II did the update of comodo firewall (I don’t remember wich version,anyway the last one), after I rebooted my pc and when again I logged on vista I was not able to run any program even the panel control and even the shut down of my pc, Vistsa told me “Windows cannot access…”. Suddenly I thought the bug came from microsoft updates, I rebooted again my pc in safe mode and I uninstalled the last updates, but the bug was still present. When I uninstalled also the comodo friewall all come back right and now the systems works.

Any suggestions?