Windows activation issues after mounting backup.


I have found an issue with Windows 7 activation that appears to be caused by the Comodo Driver used to mount backups as virtual disks. I have reproduced this issue in VMWare up to a certain point.

After installing Windows 7 Ultimate X64 I activate it using the command ‘slmgr /ato’. I can then verify the license using ‘slmgr /dlv’. At this point I installed Comodo Backup 4.2.2 and restarted the PC. Checking the activation with ‘slmgr’ is still ok at this point.

Now i mounted a backup as a drive and unmounted it again. This is the point that i have not managed to pinpoint yet. At some point in between mounting this drive and the next pc boot the activation goes ■■■■■.

‘slmgr /dlv’ will return an access denied error and ‘/ato’ will return the dreaded 0x80070005 error.

So far the only solution i have found is re-install.

Did you mount a backup of the system disk (with the operation system)? If yes, it’s the same like having 2 identical disks (sector-by-sector clone) on the same machine. Windows activation is not ok with this.

It was a backup of another system that had windows on it, so yes it was a system disk. However it was not “the” system disk.

As for the statement of not being able to mount an actual image of the system itself. Why would windows not be ok with this? When I use the windows built in backup (system image to .vhd) i can mount it perfectly fine without having all sorts of issues with windows activation.

We need to investigate this issue. It will be fixed in a future release.


Experiencing the same problem here - is there any resolution? Have we at least found a way to repair the damage done by Comodo Backup without a full Win7 reinstall?

Am guessing that you’ve seen this post:;msg732214#msg732214
I realise that this procedure does require reinstallation but it did work for me …

Also I see that CBU has been updated to 4.3.8 over the last couple of days - haven’t read the list of fixes yet, maybe this problem will have been included …