Windows Action Center

Hi bobjoe,
This is a community based Forum.
If we want to be certain Comodo recognizes this issue, someone needs to create a bug report using the required bug report format (See my previous post).



Hi bobjoe,
‘Qmarius’ has been processing the reports, so he will check the report and most likely reply in the report topic.

Thanks for your effort and time, it is greatly appreciated. :-TU

Kind regards.

Nothing has happened. I think I will go back to Avast!

I just enabled sandbox and at the settings of auto-sandbox I disabled everything except block all applications with malware reputation and action center stopped the annoying warnings.

If I wanted autosandbox on, I would have turned it on.

Why am I forced to use it just to clear the WAC messages?

Fixing a bug takes time. It’s a process from bug report to trying to reproduce the problem by QA to fixing when reproduced to testing etc.

Hopefully a fix is out soon.