Windows 98 and Windows ME support

My feature request for Comodo Dragon is to have support for the Windows 98 and Windows Millenium operating systems. If some features don’t work on Win98/Win ME then just DISABLE or HIDE them.

Forget about it ;D

Are you serious? Windows 98/Windows ME should not be in use anymore in any environment. We’re talking about a 10 and 12 year operating systems. Both of which are deprecated by Microsoft thus no longer taking on security updates. Windows 98 would require a different set of libraries and API calls, where as the libraries/APIs between 2000 and Windows 7 are not all that different. This is why CD works only with current Windows Operating Systems starting from Windows 2000. Mozilla dropped support for Windows 9x/Me recently too and it was a wise decision as it freed up a lot of the bloat in the code.

Users that are still on Windows 98/Me really need to upgrade to something different. Either switch to Linux or buy a new computer that is more energy efficient. A mid range computer is under 400 bux nowadays and some are as low as 200. From a security standpoint, someone still using Windows 98/Me is a sitting duck. They can be compromised in under 10 mins.