Windows 8

I do not understand that people on this forum including a moderator say not to install until the automatic release occurs. However, on the Comodo website if you buy Comodo product i.e., CIS Pro you will buying the 2013 version the same for the 30 day trial. So the info at the bottom clearly states windows 8/7 platform, I do not understand which is correct…??? :slight_smile:

There have been some bugs discovered which are particular to Windows 8. However, many using Windows 8 are not experiencing problems.

Thus, it’s probably fine to install it on windows 8 as well.

Hi TonyChipper911,
Moderators are general users like you or I and we are all entitled to have our own opinions of what is the best to do. :slight_smile:
If a persistent issue is present for an individual in the current release, IMO sometimes it might be best to wait.
It all depends on circumstance.

That is very true! I do not have the knowledge to file a bug report, however, I have had terrible problems from Geekbuddy partially uninstalling itself (happens after any reboot) to Comodo 2013 not working and Kiosk just will not work. I have had Geekbuddy online help/connecting to my PC sometimes for 30-50 minutes. I have had enough and I know I brought CIS Complete 2013 and CIS pro 2013 in past 2 weeks as I 1st had Pro then I liked Complete version had to offer. I have now returned back to Kaspersky. (:AGY)

CIS v6 runs fine on both my Windows 8 installations for one thing. On my desktop with Win 8 Pro it takes Kiosk 4-5 minutes to start up where on my netbook with Win 8 Enterprise Kiosk starts normally like you would expect.

Sorry to see you go and that the Geekbuddy program gave you a hard time.