windows 8 ready

any timeframe when comodo backup will be windows 8 ready?

A BETA will be available in about 1 week.


sounds good,thanks

I installed the current version on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit and I have serious issues. The backup creation does start but after a couple of minutes it returns an error saying that there’s a write error. I don’t know if the issue is related to Windows 8 Pro as this is the first time I use Comodo Backup. My disks are 100% healthy and other backup softwares do work fine. I’ll wait for the new version…

windows 8 is not supported yet. if you read 2 post above yours you will see the next beta will support win 8. please read before you post.

I looked at the forum after installing Comodo Backup on Windows 8 and I reported my experience. I also said that I’ll wait for the new version. Please read 3 times before you post.