Windows 8 Firewall doesnt like Trustconnect

I installed Trustconnect on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit system. It never asked whether to install 32- or 64- bit system. There is no mention on Comodo website that Windows 8 is supported. When I executed CTC, Windows 8 Firewall warned that it was unsafe. I executed CTC anyway, but stopped when it was time to set up a Comodo account. As a casual non-business user (maybe connect 20 days a year for short periods) I can handle $20 per year so that my access is safe. But other things on my computer seem to be blocking all access to free VPN providers. For instance, OpenDNS and AVG prevent Hotspot Shield, which I used in the past. Windows 8 tutorials don’t even mention using VPN. While Trustconnect for free is mentioned in the forums, none of the links seem to lead there. QUESTION: Should I use and pay for Trustconnect on Windows 8, what is required to do so, and is it available for free for personal, non-business use?

It could be that I had problems with Hotspot Shield because I was trying to access it on my home wireless protected by WPA. When I tried on an unsecured network, it worked as expected without any warnings. Sooo, no need for Trustconnect.

Hi Stevesafe,

Glad to see you were able to fix your problems, but for future reference for everyone:

I use TrustConnect just fine in my Windows 8 64-bit machine.

The free, ad-supported version of TrustConnect is no longer available so to use TrustConnect you would need to purchase whichever plan best fits your needs.