windows 8 compatibility

Does it work for windows 8 ?
Is it safe running it if i am not infected ?

You can try. I know that Comodo Cleaning Essentials is available through CIS. :slight_smile:

oh yes …
but my system seems working fine and i have never used the cleaning essential tool before … so …
what does it mean "end point " ?
deeply ?
with or without secureboot activated ?
in safe mode ?
can i run it in sandbox ?
Is it a scan tool or an aggressive tool ?
Will it ask me before to erase/destroy/move something-somewhere ?
Comodo internet security is compatible with windows 8 - 64 bit (i asked it before install it) but maybe not cleaning essentials and killswitch …

I prefer asking it before doing a real error.

Asking so many questions, do i !ot! ?