Windows 8 compatability

I tried installing CPM on my Windows 8 machine recently, and it is apparently incompatible. I loved it in Windows 7, I was wondering if there was any word on if/when it will be released, or if it is even being worked on? Thanks!

theres no word yet. CPM development seems to have slowed greatly due to other priorities (dont know what they are)

I know of a little cheat… Run the installer in compatability mode. It worked for me on the Release Candidate I was trying. I also put every executable in the installation directory in compatibility mode, just to be safe. I’m sure many of you would say it’s risky, but hey… I’ve been using the program for months! 8) Life’s as risky as a box of chocolates

Anyway +1 to actual support, as opposed to Comodo risks.

Installed CPM on Windows 8, 64 bit system using compatibility mode. The program will not run. I am asked repeatedly to restart computer to complete install with no benefit. The program will not uninstall using the option built into the program or the general Windows 8 program installer. The files are installed in the Program Files folder, not the (x86) folder.

Need help to make the program either run or remove from computer.

I loved CPM with Vista! Much better than Revo, in my opinion. I especially like the default automatic monitoring. With REVO I forgot too many times to implement monitoring so my installed software was a patchwork of monitored and unmonitored apps. I upgraded this computer to Windows 8, and sadly no CPM version was available. One poster said he tried it in compatibility mode with success. I downloaded the latest version and let Windows compatibility checker decide. (Right click on installer icon, properties, compatibility, run compatibility troubleshooter). Turns out it recommended Windows XP SP3, so that’s what I did today. Seems to work, because when I installed Secunia PSI, the little CPM monitoring pop up came up at the end of the install saying the monitoring was successful. Opening the CPM program showed it had indeed been monitored. I’ll continue monitoring and report anything that is pertinent.

i asked the comodo support for CPM and CSU and got this answer:

Dear Customer:

Thank you for contacting COMODO. Comodo System Utilities does not have a Pro version yet. We only offer a free version.
There are no plans to develop CSU or CPM further at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

Yours in service,

GeekBuddy Support Team

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: YAJ-596381
Department: Desktop Support
Priority: Default

I guess they are more focused on security than tune up right now.

They also aren’t all that focused on being upfront with information. They wouldn’t even say if they were still working on the program. Version 2 was set to come out in a couple of weeks and then they apparently stopped everything without saying a word. Thanks, Comodo. I’m really impressed with how flippantly you’ve dealt with CPM and the users here. It’s best to take an, “I’ll believe it when I see it”, attitude when it comes to Comodo products. It’s one thing to be late on a release. Those things happen, but this is really low.

Update of previous post.
Sorry to report, I had to remove CPM and I won’t be back until there is a new version and it’s Windows 8 compatible. I was not able to install windows updates without my computer crashing. With CPM gone windows updates now work perfectly. Also, it was near to impossible to uninstall CPM. It insisted that I was not the administrator, even though Windows Accounts said that I was, and all check boxes in CPM properties were correctly checked, and I was running as administrator, etc, etc .Uninstall failed using Windows, Ccleaner, and Geek uninstaller. Success with Revo Pro 30 day trial (Windows 8 compatible) using manual ‘forced uninstall of previously uninstalled program’ function.
What a hassle!!! Took half my day.

Hi, Liz777 here.

I’m new and posted this elsewhere on the site. Reading here, I’m guessing that the free install of Comodo does not work with Windows 8.

Just got a new computer and a friend put Comodo on it.

My prob is this:

When I walk away from the computer for 10+ minutes, the screen is basically locked and all I have is the bar across the bottom with icons which will pop up the (very) small windows. I cannot open the apps from these…all I can do is click on the little X to close them. All my desktop icons disappear. The only recourse is to re-start the computer.

I talked to the guys at BestBuy (where I purchased) and they thought it was the security—which is Comodo.

If someone could give advice on this, I would greatly appreciate it!


Liz777, did you friend put Comodo Programs Manager on it or Comodo Internet Security or both? If it was CPM, it probably won’t work right because it hasn’t been updated for Windows 8. Uninstall it. If it was CIS, you’re in the wrong forum category. Head over to the CIS forum and direct your question there.