Windows 8 compatability

Any word on when CPM for windows 8 will be released?

■■■■, I wish! I’m missing that program since moving to windows 8…

Well - it’s too late for you now, but if you had CPM working in Windows 7, it will still work in Windows 8 Pro, but only if you select to keep all your programs when upgrading to Windows 8, and then you can find them in the program files.old folder

But if you “upgraded” without keeping your old programs, version can be installed, but doesn’t work, because you are told to reboot and reboot and reboot. And it doesn’t help to install and run with a right click as administrator, and it doesn’t help to disable User Account Control, or to reboot in safe mode.

I not sure, but I think the reason is that CPM needs to manipulate the boot sector, in order to work just after reboot and before Windows starts, and that the kernel OS in Windows 8 doesn’t allow to manipulate the boot sector, as Windows 7 did.

And version BETA1 can’t be installed, because there’s a OS detection built in.