Windows 8.1 Update 1

Before the upgrade will I need to remove Comodo 7 - I have the latest version?

Should not, previous upgrade from Win8 to Win8.1. caused mayhem on a lot of installed software because M$ made big mistakes in the process.
I know Comodo has changed things to prevent the previous issue from happening again, not sure if M$ fixed their side of the issue though as they seem to have problems admitting them anyway.

But as I don’t have it at hand we need to wait for the first users to see what it comes up with in a VM.

But the update rolls-out on 8th April and all systems with automatic updates will update straight away, so does Comodo devs etc., have any clue, or should I stop the automatic updates and wait???

Hope there is not a problem. Would be good to see Microsoft issue a less buggy update than the initial Windows 8.1 release.

As a MSDN user with the Update 1 installed already, please read the following post! :

It still seems Comodo cannot handle new updates, Kaspersky issued update f 1-2 weeks ago for Windows 8.1 update 1, why is 4132?

To avoid this possible issue, I have uninstalled CIS on my Win 8.1 machine and am just using Windows Firewall and Defender until after the 8.1 update happens. I may then look to see if there are any problems and if not, I may reinstall CIS on that machine. I do notice however that my boot time is noticeably faster without CIS and that overall response seems better as well. It is a low powered single core machine and is not my primary computer. I only use it in the living room when I’m too lazy to go to the computer room to use my better machine.

Hi tsgc84,
IMO we shouldn’t go condemning any 3rd party software until at least after the official launch of Win 8.1U1.
Even then operating system updates shouldn’t break 3rd party programs IMO, if this unfortunately does happen I don’t think we should condemn the 3rd party program developers.
If this happens, it may affect numerous programs and not just security programs.

Kind regards.

Hi captinsticks

Yes you are correct and I apologise for that. I’m just concerned that with the update I may not be able to use Comodo

If you are concerned then you can set your Windows update to ask before installing and then don’t update after the Windows 8.1 update 1 is released but instead wait and see here on the forum if people are having problems or not, if people are having problems then wait for Comodo to fix them and then update, if it seems to work fine for most people then you can try updating.

Or better yet, make a backup of your system and then update when Update 1 is released, if it’s working fine then continue using it but if it’s not working fine then you can revert to that backup you just took.

No problems, I guess time will tell. :slight_smile:

Microsoft always tend to provide their OS to developers before its released to general public . So the software developers can make their software compatible.

I updated to 8.1 update 1 (leaked links) a month ago while using other AV. I installed CIS 7 some days ago and the system works fine.

It seems like the guys at COMODO aren’t on that list. They should really look into getting on that list. It’s in the best interest of the developers as well as the customers. It’s been 2 weeks and I still can’t use CIS on my laptop.

If it truly is not compatible with Win 8.1U1 I wonder why it is not affecting everyone.
Windows 8.1 Update 1 BSOD
I kind of think there must be some other unforeseen underlying factor also involved as well.

Windows 8.1 update 1 is working fine for me. CIS 7 is working just fine with the update. :slight_smile:

I applied 8.1.1 successfully on my netbook and desktop computer.

Unfortunately bugs don’t get fixed that quickly. After reporting it is in Comodo’s hands; Comodo will try to reproduce and then prioritize the bug.