windows 8.1 rtm

hello guys just wanted to know if there any work around to make comodo work with windows 8.1?

me too… :slight_smile:

You can try:

That fix is for Windowws 8.1 Preview and to fix the firewall.

in Windows 8.1 RTM: you can’t even install Comodo Firewall.

yes compatibility issue just pop up when you try to run the set up :confused:

I see, that’s good to know, however Windows 8.1 RTM hasn’t been officially released yet, I assume you’re using the leaked version. A new version of CIS that’s compatible with Windows 8.1 RTM might not be available until closer to the release date of Windows 8.1 RTM, however I’m not a developer and I honestly don’t have any insight into the development of CIS. When it comes to CIS you never know, might be released on a minute, might be released in a few months… who knows?

What I am going to say below this is… well I’d assume it’s not liked by the mods and other users.

There is an unofficial release of CIS BETA called 6.3.291162.2907 in the beta section, the link was removed by a mod since the release was not official, even though the file was hosted on comodos servers it might be a really early alpha and could cause critical and fatal errors. I myself tried it and the upgrade option of it corrupts the whole CIS installation which proves their points, however I made a clean install and I’ve been running the beta version since without any issues.

It’s highly discouraged to use this version as who knows what kind of errors could occur, but if you acknowledge the risk with this software, have taken back-ups and don’t mind eventually losing any files or perhaps having to re-install Windows completely and losing all files in the process, then send me a pm and I’ll send you the link, however I don’t have the link to the Comodo servers so it’ll be a link to mega. Oh also if you do decide to try this version then please also know that you might not be able to get any support since pretty much no one uses this version and you’d probably be asked to uninstall it.
I don’t even know if it will install, it might give the same compatibility issue.

Again using this version is highly discouraged, I’m only using it since I know I have back-ups without this version. I would recommend waiting for the official release of CIS with support for Windows 8.1 RTM, I would also extend that to recommending waiting for the official release of Windows 8.1 RTM.

Edit: Today I’ve been seeing some inconsistent behaviour with the beta version, for example the Unrecognized Files not working correctly, random trusted files triggering HIPS, random untrusted files not triggering HIPS. I will be reverting back to the stable release of CIS and I really do suggest you wait for the official release with support, if you still want to test the beta update then you can message me but most likely it’s not going to be compatible and even if it is then you’d probably have some issues with it.

Edit 2: I’d guess the beta isn’t compatible with Windows 8.1 RTM yet because I think Comodo wouldn’t have had access to the RTM version when the beta was released/found.

Confirmed. CIS BETA 6.3.291162.2907 works in windows 8.1 RTM…

I just tested the firewall and works 100%

You can install it by changing the name of the installer. The program won’t run so you have to change the name and then make a symbolic link to it named as the original. This needs to be done for cistray.exe, virtkiosk.exe and cis.exe.

The beta might be the better choice. Anyone know if v5 will work?

I seriously doubt v5 would work.