Windows 7

It can be renewed, socalled rearm, three times. In total it can be used for 120 days without having to enter a license key.

This is fully legit within the possibilities Windows its self provides but it is not commonly known. Read how to do it here: Windows 7 - How to Rearm / Activate for 120 days .

Thank you, EricJH.

I came through all steps except that I can’t make elevated priviledges in the command prompt: after running ‘slmgr -rearm’ at the step 7, it says ‘Error: … Access denied: the requested action requires elevated priviledges’. How to do that?

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Do one of the following:

  1. Start menu/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt - Right click and run as Administrator
  2. Create a shortcut to C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe - Modify the properties as seen in the image.

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Thank you, it really works :).

Please, who knows answer my question:
Standard user account is safer against malware but not so convenient as the administrator account, so the question is:

Is the administrator account with UAC (User Account Control) the same safe as the standard user account?

Thank you.

Hello Solar! :slight_smile:

simple answer is no;

Thank you! So I start exploring standard accounts.

Who knows, please answer the following questions:

  1. Should one use DropMyRights in the standard user account to increase safety?
  2. I use CTM so I need to change location of ‘Users’ folder from the protected system disk to another not protected disk. How to change ‘Users’ folder location?

Thank you.

  1. You can change the location by going to %userprofile% and then right click Downloads/Documents etc etc and then by clicking change location (This will change only the certain folders)

2b) to change the complete %userprofile% location you may follow these instructions Here

Thank you. The link you point ain’t working.
For those who are interested I’ve just found a valid link in the sevensforums here.