Windows 7: ?

i have a question…do you have a version (or install file) that works with Windows 7 Build 6801? if you do can you send it to me?

i keep getting this error message:

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Welcome to the Forums, AntivirusXpert.

Are you running the Install in Compatibility Mode (Vista)?

ill try that…but i have to leave so ill do it when i get back…round 1 PM

Windows 7 isn’t officially supported so it might be nice to point out if it works or not.

totally !ot! : do you use all the antivirusses in your avatar ?


yeah i tried them all…but im sticking with avast

I was just wondering ;). (who actually still uses mcafee 88))


Word of caution… Comodo DiskShield Is not being developed and has not received any updates since September 30, 2008…

Instead they are working on a new version of it to be included in CIS 4.0… If I were you I would not bother with Comodo DiskShield especially on Win 7… But its your call! :slight_smile: :wink:

EDIT:: Still interesting to see if it would work! =P

What’s wrong with comodo diskshield? I think it’s an excellent program even at it’s current state. (only downside is the disk usage)

You are probably right about that Kyle… :wink: I have not tested it myself!

I just wanted to point out there will be no further updates to it before version 4.0 most likely, just to let him know that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, as long as you don’t try to do to much with it. My tests show that it is very unstable when
installing certain applications and saving the sesiion across a reboot while DS is active.

IMO Comodo jumped the gun releasing this as a Beta The forum went pretty much dead from
lack of feedback… So we can only hope that the time machine will improve the situation.


windows 7 version 7127 doesn’t like diskshield

I ran it in compatibility mode (vista). It installed fine, when I rebooted. A blue screen comes up for like a microsecond. ???

I had to do a system restore :slight_smile: