Windows 7 x64 Program Unstable After Program Uninstalls with CPM - Be Careful!

Problem: I’ve been using Comodo Programs Manager for over two months. Recently I used it to uninstall about six applications I no longer wanted, and one so that I could re-install an older version. Now the application will no longer work. It looks like I’ll have to re-install Windows.

Using Comodo Programs Manager to uninstall the application. I was using CPM v1.3 - the latest.

Detail: Uninstalling MDT 2012 x64 to install MDT 2010 x64 from Windows 7 x64 with all the latest patches and updates. Now when I start the application, I get the attached error.

All I did was use the uninstall feature of CPM, and clicked the “complete uninstall”, trusting the software.

Now, no matter if I uninstall and re-install either MDT 2010 x64 or MDT 2012 x64, I get the same error.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The error box states that BITS (the Background Intelligent Transfer Service) is not running.

So to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → look up BITS and select it → click right and choose Properties → start the service and make sure the start up type is set to manual or automatic.

Then try installing again.