Windows 7 with Fast User Switching Mucking Up Firewall Rules

My wife is logged in as a User.

I do fast user switching to log in as an Administrator. Note: there are now two cfp.exe running. I make some changes to the firewall rules. I log out.

My wife logs back in. Her firewall rules do not reflect my changes.

I do another fast user switch to log back in as an Administrator. I notice my firewall rules are the same as my wife’s, my updates are GONE.

Windows 7, UAC is on (default settings), Comodo Firewall 4.1.150349.920, running in Safe mode, not sandboxing, no defense+.

Any ideas what to do? Is this working as designed?

It seems that the last standing cfp.exe rules the rules, so to speak.

I’ve tried a reinstall, and that’s not the problem. I have a second win 7 x64 machine, and it’s the same. I’ve used Comodo for a long time now, and I’ve only noticed this since I went to user-switching recently. This doesn’t happen with only one user logged in.