Windows 7 the buzzing sound nightmare...

For the users of Windows 7 32-Bit/64-Bit only… Did you ever had a problem/have one now with the regular buzzing noise (watching youtube videos, playing movies/music)? If so did you find out what it was in your case?

Some blame Microsoft update which caused Intel RST to do this… Others the sound driver… And the list goes on… The nightmare still remains for some… It gets better or worse…

See this video to get the better picture:

Thank you.

That does sound remarkably like a soundcard driver issue to me. I’ve only experienced this (ie. that buzzing noise, probably actually a soundcard freeze) myself when playing games and only very intermittently (certainly not enough to be annoying or warrant looking into it any further).

I do recommend trying DPC Latency Checker (a free utility) to see if there is any correlation between the buzzing sound and any recorded latency drop-outs/spikes.

In the first instance, I’d probably make sure that my motherboard BIOS/chipset drivers and soundcard drivers were up to date. Assuming the soundcard is an on-board motherboard soundcard, I’d recommend trying the motherboard manufacture/OEM soundcard driver first (although they are often fairly old) before trying the actual soundcard chip manufactures driver (often more up to date).

Thank you for the info Kail. I will check it out. :-TU

Or maybe it could be that you need to visit a doctor to have your ears examined LOL.!!!

I suggest you stop insulting and apologise for this insult. Please realise that you’re walking a thin line with a noticeable part of your postings.

I’ve actually experienced that before. In my case it was caused by the initialization process of a RAID 5 array. It stopped as soon as it was done initializing. It didn’t matter whether the audio file being played was on the array or not. Also, I had the issue on Windows 7 and XP.

Seany. Are you using an onboard audio solution? Apart from possible influence of drivers keep in mind that there may also be a hardware side to some sound problems.

On board sound chips rely on the voltage supplied by the PSU of your computer without cleaning up the voltage with its own dedicated voltage regulators. From a more strict audio perspective a PC PSU is not providing a nice clean and stable enough voltage for great or reliable audio reproduction.

As Cassette’s example shows a big load in another part of the computer will intefere with audio; simply because of variations and noise at the power lines.

Getting a decent slot in audio card may sometimes be the solution.

I usually get such a distortion when the gowks from CEZ Bulgaria hit me with lower voltage (they do this on purpose) and the system freezes after which Event Viewer displays the corresponding error caused by the loss of power. But in your case could be the driver or it could be caused by the scanner you’re using. You said yourself it’s getting more frequent when the scanner is running. Why don’t you try with another program like CAV or Avira, for example?
By the way, what’s the program name that displays each core usage?

Thanks for the info. :-TU I tried to disable my RAID with no luck.

Onboard one is Intel(R) display audio but I also have a Realtek sound driver. Uninstalled Realtek one still get this buzzing sound. I think it might be down to some hardware issue as you said after all I tried all my drivers and services. Also I never had this problem before it only started recently about several weeks ago. Go figure what caused it. Thank you for the info. :-TU

I see. I use full CIS. And that’s not me in the video/but he has the same issue as I ;D. Not sure what you mean. Thank you for the info. :-TU

Update: After running DPC Latency Checker I can confirm that the red spikes are hitting 4000 mark when I watch some video and the buzz sound comes along with the CPU spike.

OMG it just hit over 16000 mark when I disabled Intel sound driver. And left the Realtek one.

The issue is fixed! WOHO! ;D I got my ‘normal’ laptop back! No buzzing anymore! ;D Special thank you to Kail for his detailed help and thank you to others who posted in this topic ;D :-TU

How did you fix it? Was there a specific driver that fixed it?

It was down to the printer driver update which got installed several weeks ago via Windows update. So I uninstalled the printer (I don’t use it) and the issue stopped. The printer was using WIFI connection so did I. Oh well happy now :slight_smile: :-TU

Congrats with finding it. Tracking down the offending driver is at least a bit of chore.

I had a similar problem I tried to trouble shoot everything . what was causing my problem was a raid with a western digital velocirator hdd and a ocz agility 3 ssd 60 gb. I had to remove the raid and the ssd.