Windows 7 Task Bar Programs Recent Documents cleaned by CSC

Hello to all

I use CSC and I like it vary much but.
Although this, I think I need some attention from you to help me to solve an issue:

I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and, as all knows, when we right click the mouse over a program on its task bar, we can see the latest opened files for that program.

My problem is that all those recent opened files for each program on the task bar were cleared after I executed an “In Depth Clean” from Registry Cleaner, an "Aggressive Clean " from Privacy cleaner and a “Full Clean” from Disk Cleaner.

My question is:

Which is (are) the parameter(s) or settings from the CSC configuration that I must unchecked so when I do the above cleaning again, those latest opened files for each program at task bar do not disappear again ?

Really lots of thanks in advance,

Miguel Garcia


To prevent COMODO System-Cleaner from deleting the last opened files you should go to the ‘Disk Cleaner’ module and uncheck the ‘Recent File List’ subcategory from the ‘Windows Log Files’ category.

Thank you for your support!