Windows 7 restore

Do I need to disable Restore in WIN7 when using CTM?

If you dont want to see your HD space disappear, I would definitely turn it off. CTM takes the place of Windows System Restore.

Also in Windows 7, scheduled defragging is turned on by default. Again, if you dont want to see your HD space disappear, turn this off as well. It is recommended that you use the internal “compact” feature of CTM to defrag your HD. External defraggers are not compatible with CTM. They simply cause CTM to chew up free space!

As carfal said, we suggest users to defrag the protected partitions with CTM itself (‘Settings > Protection Settings > Compact’).

Thanks for your support.

can this CTM compator be scheduled for automatic maintenance? (note I have not been able to install CTM since its inception, Windows currently defrags on a scheduled regular basis).

so what is the difference between this and windows restore?

Hi, John
I think you can try to create a windows scheduled task to execute a script that runs the command
/ctmcmd /D.

Hope it helps.