windows 7 repair disc question

can i create a repair disk on one win 7 computer and use it on another and choose the restore option to fix a winload.exe is missing or corrupt problem at startup.

i’m doing it right now and so far it’s working. it asked me to restart so i did and then it did some more setup stuff and restarted its self and now it’s prepairing my desktop. both computer that created the disk and the computer i’m fixing are acer aspires but they are different versions. one is acer aspire 5532 and the other is aspire 5253-bz846. they are not the same model number either. also the computer that created the disk is win 7 64 bit. i don’t know if the one i’m fixing is 64 or not. but both are home premium. right now it’s installing updates

The ‘Recovery’ disks are generic, they are simply comprised of the basic files necessary to return a system, with certain types of problem, to working order. As far as I’m aware, however, the disks are platform specific, i.e. you use a disk created on an x86 platform to repair and x86 platform, not an x64 platform, as the repair disk doesn’t contain, for example, SysWOW64.

thanks man, because it kept allowing me to go from one step to the next and i was worried it work but have a bunch of errors popping up all the time. i was fortunate both computers was 64 bit. i was thinking a repair disk just had all the files needed to replace any missing or corrupt files on the machine getting fixed but wasn’t sure. i’m freakin out because this machine was originally given to an IT with recovery discs that wouldn’t work my guess being they weren’t for the machine he trying to fix but i don’t know. he was saying the disc drive was bad but it read the repair disc just fine and read the recovery disc for a good portion of the first disc so obviously that theory is wrong. i know it’s just a fluke that i stubled across the idea of making a repair disc but it’s still cool to think i repaired something an IT guy couldn’t fix. but he does IT for a hospital so all he deals with is xp