Windows 7 Error Code: 0x80070035 - The network path was not found


I have CIS on my laptop & must say the performance is really great except for occasional hiccups:

  1. was not able to block wvchatts.exe & services.exe from being downloaded
  2. Even when I select remove - is not able to remove them

Had to use a Hirens boot CD to remove them.
Still - this product is far better than the others.

An issue I am facing and would like some help :

1 have an ASUS RT-N13U B1 router and use it to connect to the internet. The router also has an USB port.
One can attach an USB drive and using the Network Share option in the router - access the HARD DISK using this path - \RT_N13U_B1

Tried using this - but I am unable to do, always get the error 0x80070035 - The network path was not found. I’m using Win 7 Pro SP1 on my laptop.

Read in some forums that Firewalls have to be disabled - which I dont want to do.
Can anyone help me on this - how to access this share without disabling the firewall or is there some specific service that has to be enabled?

Thanks in advance

Just out of curiosity, you do know that wvchatts.exe and services.exe are both potentially legitimate services? wvchatts.exe is a driver for lenovo laptops and services.exe is a key operating component.

With regard to the mapping issue, has the drive been mounted correctly in the Asus? If so, you could take a read through a similar question I’ve just answered Can’t see network hard drive. Basically, make sure you have the appropriate rules for the System process.

checked a lot of sites -

wvchatts.exe is a SPYWARE dropper and if its in this folder <C:\Windows%System%\drivers\wvchatts.exe >, it is definitely a trojan.

Same goes for services.exe if the path is <C:\Windows%System%\drivers\services.exe >, it is definitely a trojan.

No worries, as long as you checked them. I just wanted to point out both may have been legitimate.

will implement all you mentioned in the network share thread & revert.

thanks for the help…