Windows 7 Comodo Anti Virus does not show on Comodo summary page.

I just got a new laptop and installed CIS. I got a message in the Action Center that “Windows did not find antivirus software on this computer”. When I open the CIS summary page the green shield is there telling me all systems are active and running. There is no antivirus tab or antivirus status window.

Is there a compatibility issue with windows 7?

I have home premium and a HP Latitude dv7 laptop with a core i7 q720m processor with 6gb memory.

Is there an explanation and solution for this?

I think you made a mistake.
I believe you may have

  1. Downloaded the Firewall version which omits the A.V., or
  2. Downloaded the full suite but failed to install the A.V. component.

Select Comodo in Windows Control Panel and you should be able to choose Change,
and that should launch the Comodo Setup Wizard.