Windows 7 + CMF

I dont know if anyone else has noticed this, but CMF causes Windows 7 to load with a blank screen. Only after I uninstall it does Windows 7 work well. Is there a new BETA out that fixes this issue?

Windows 7 is a beta…Comodo probably won’t support it until Windows 7 is out of beta. So maybe no fixes.

Hi There

For those of you who are experiencing a problem with Comodo Memory Firewall stating that the “Driver Is Not Active. Please Reinstall Product”, I have solved the issue on my PC and I hope it might help you also.

I am running Vista Ultimate x64 and I have been playing around with several Vista “Administrative Services” in an attempt to fix the abovementioned issue. Now I noticed that when I Disable “Computer Browser” and “Server” Administrative Services, Comodo Memory Firewall starts normally and states that the "application Is active And Running’ so I’m assuming it must have something to do with these two Services.

It was a process of elimination as I also tried disabling Terminal Services, Terminal Services Configuration, Superfetch, and Extensible Authentication Protocol, however, it was only when I configured these services back to their defaults and disabled “Computer Browser” and 'server" that the problem became rectified.

Please note that in addition to disabling these two Administrative Services in Vista Ultimate x64, I also have tweaked the services as per’s “tweaked” recommendations.

Hope this helps.

With Kindest Regards

Mr Smiley (Neil)
Sydney, Australia