Windows 7 Backup Not Working After CBU Uninstall

I installed Comodo Backup and then decided to uninstall it.

Now, the native Windows backup is unresponsive. Clicking on any of the buttons does nothing.

Could it be that the CBU install left some files behind that continue to disable my Windows 7 backup?
When I checked in the processes, Windows backup was listed as “running”.
I have removed all references of Comodo or CBU from the Registry, but still no windows backup.

It would be nice if a reputable company like Comodo would uninstall cleanly or at least offer an uninstall tool.

I appreciate any assistance anyone may be able to offer.

Maybe try installing Comodo backup again then use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall it and scan for leftovers. Maybe it will find some that you missed. Report back and let us know if this works or not.