windows 7 and virus killer to run with comodo firewall help

Hi all i have been tole dthat Comodo firwall 3.9 will work with windows 7 RC is this true ?

also i have version 3.8 and i ahve been reading that 3.9 comes with a viruskiller now have comodo put the firewall and virus killer in one app now ? or can you still get the firwall without the virus killer.

i run avira virus killer can you still use it with teh new 3.9 version and do you need to disable the virus killer in comodo or is it better than avira.

has anyone tried avira on win 7 Rc does it work ?

its just i anm going to install windows 7 Rc and wanted to know if comodo firewall and avira is still the best vombo or does comodo virus killer better

any help thanks

I am still on Win 7 beta with CIS 3.9 RC2 and it all works without a glitch.

The reports I see tell me CIS works on RC (7100). Yet the Action Center (the old Security Center and more) format changed. So, CIS does not get recognised for being AV and Firewall program. Yet is should still work.

Currently waiting for a new hard disk to install Win 7 RC on. My beta sits on a data partition (not quite a bright thing to do…:smiley: ). I am dying to try CIS on Win 7 RC…