Windows 2000

Hi ! I was looking for something like this, great work ! You’re the men.

Being in the (proud) minority sticking with windows 2000 Pro, I’m asking if Comodo DS installs and works under my OS of choice. Did you ppl try it ?

Thanks ! And a great and happy year to everybody…

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Nobody interested in running D.S. on the best, or least worse ;=) Microsoft OS ? Incredible !

Please guys, comments on this wish ! Are you making use of OS facilities not available in 2k, or just did you not go to the pains of tweaking your build tools and test it ?

I did go so far as taking the chance to instal on 2k anyway, tweaking the constraints in the MSI file, instal was successful but unfortunately it hosed the OS upon reboot.

Come on, don’t let this unanswered please !

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This has been an ongoing issue regarding Win2K. It will be easier to ask you to search with the above search box using key words “Windows 2000” and “Win2k” for all discussions regarding Windows 2000.

Alas, I searched even before I posted, and did not find a discussion of Windows 2000 within the DiskShield section.
i must be especially thick, nor can I find it now using your provided search words ! (I see discussions of Win 2k in other sections though).

At your leasure could you provide a relevant URL, or summarize the outcome of past discussions ? As I understand a new release of DS is upcoming, are you aware of it going to include Win 2k support albeit unsopported ?

Since W2K support is no longer offered, I am going on a limb here and will suggest install the 32-bit version on W2K. Let’s take it from there. (Back up your system first)
Please post your results.

Hi J.B. ! Been there done that earlier - I think I said so above but maybe it was not that explicit :

  • The stock CDS installer won’t run on Win 2k (version mismatch),

  • By tweaking the MSI properties, I forced it to install nonetheless.

  • Whereupon the system crashed during the next and subsequent reboot (even in windoze “safe” mode).

  • I had to removed all traces CDS manually from another OS in order to recover access to Win 2k.

  • Then I came here and started this thread : I really would love to have CDS in Windows 2000 : I don’t know of any similar free utility !

Kind regards…

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