Windows 2000 server compatibility and BSOD

Somewhere in FAQ forum I found that CPF is compatible with Windows 2000 (ALL versions). I have a Windows 2000 server which acts as a router, and is servicing few users as a terminal server in application mode.
The question is : With CPF ( installed on that server (Windows is up-to-date SP4), when a computer on LAN tries to access Internet, I get a BSOD on server with IRQ_NOT… Sygate (last version) is working properly. Are you guys aware of this issue?


So sorry you did not see the other threads. had lots of problems reported with Win2000, although mine was a workstation and not a server or configuration like yours.

There is a new version estimiated for 7 Sept, but I can’t tell if your issue will be handled. But I can surely test it on my Win2000 Pro and at least you can wait to see if that works before you risk trying it again.

Can you please send us the memory dumps produced by BSOD?


Hello, and thanx for support. Can not send you dumps, as server is in the production now. When I get the time, I’ll do an install again and will send you memory dump. But was easily reproducible - after the install would finish, and a restart, all seems fine - CPF asks for terminal service to connect to internet etc, I set up a trusted network, and as soon as one of computers on LAN tries to connect to the internet trough the server, I get a BSOD.
Btw, my home installation on XP rocks! (B)