Windows 1903 incompatibility


CIS seems not to be ready for the Windows May Update 1903 :embarassed:

On two different systems (notebook and desktop) Im faced with the following issue after updating to 1903:

Randomly, CIS crashes. Either the “CIS crash dialog” pops up or the widget and system tray shows “At Risk”. The CIS window says: “COMODO Application Agent is not running!” A click on “FIX IT!” just solve this issue for a random time (mostly some minutes). Then the problem comes back. The COMODO services are started and set to “Automatically”.

But the bigger problem is: Every time this crash happens, CIS seems to block everything. I cannot start any program. Windows tells me, that I have not the privileges to do that. Furthermore it sometimes blocks the whole internet connection. All programs, also windows system applications seems to be effected.

The only workaround seems to be:

  1. Try to reinstall CIS, but this will not solve the issue for other users.
  2. Disable all modules. Then, even if CIS crashes, everything still works and I can start programs etc.

Is there anything known about this issue? Im wondering, that I could not find anything about it here in the forum, because Im faced with this issue on two separate devices. :frowning:

ok, this issue could be related to this discussion:

@Moderator: Please move my post into this discussion and sorry for this extra work.

Hi Viper94,

Could you please check your Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs for further investigation.

Metheni R

Hi Viper94,

Thanks for providing the requested logs and additional information. Will forward the logs to developer for investigation.

Hi Viper94,

Thanks for the logs that you provided earlier, our developers need few more files for further investigation, could you please check your personal message and provide the files.

Hi Viper94,

Could you please check your personal message and follow the instructions that our developers have provided.

CIS Agent Crash after update Windows to 18362

COMODO Internet Security

Zatrzymano działanie.

‎20.‎06.‎2019 22:01

Raport został wysłany

Ścieżka do aplikacji powodującej błąd: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.exe

Sygnatura problemu
Nazwa zdarzenia problemu: APPCRASH
Nazwa aplikacji: cmdagent.exe
Wersja aplikacji:
Sygnatura czasowa aplikacji: 5cb5ae93
Nazwa modułu z błędem: cmdagent.exe
Wersja modułu z błędem:
Sygnatura czasowa modułu z błędem: 5cb5ae93
Kod wyjątku: c0000005
Przesunięcie wyjątku: 0000000000134bd3
Wersja systemu operacyjnego: 10.0.18362.
Identyfikator ustawień regionalnych: 1045
Dodatkowe informacje 1: e815
Dodatkowe informacje 2: e81514954ed1a4f57f649fdac585fd12
Dodatkowe informacje 3: fd07
Dodatkowe informacje 4: fd07a5e075ee48b41310168f29f27b2e

Dodatkowe informacje o problemie
Identyfikator pakietu: 0c8da47ec199d6a9bdfe63b689a5300a (2161274506828918794)

Many other threads with the same issue and the solution is to re-install CIS, for every new major Windows 10 release you need to uninstall CIS before upgrading then install after upgrading to the new Windows release.

As you’ve said, many other threads where you have written the same, so I won’t dispute it… but I kind of feel like people won’t try reading the “resolved” or “outdated” issues section because it’s an unresolved issue and it’s not outdated. There’s a “workaround” but not what I feel is a resolution.

Personally, I have never had to uninstall or reinstall CIS to get it working after an update… except for this very update, heh. I’m betting others have had such luck and are now surprised by the fun times Microsoft is inflicting with their newly complex updates full of hardware incompatibilities, etc.

I guess it’s funny to have people submit bug reports where the bug report instructions usually suggest reinstalls… but aside from that, you might be sweeping the reports to a location people won’t look, which causes all of the repeat posts. But there are so many sticky threads that it’s hard to scan through those, as well. If it’s Comodo’s stance that you must uninstall CIS for a Windows feature update, perhaps that should be clearly communicated even outside of these forums. Perhaps it is, using that COMODO Message Center thing that I usually turn off when it tells me inane things.