windows 10

Can’t install on Windows 10 :frowning:

CIS does not support windows 10 yet. A new release should be out soon to support it

Please hurry in this case :-\

CIS 8.2 is working on windows 10.You tried CIS 8.0.

CIS 8.2 not working too, i try and the firewall no work
when a new version compatible win 10 for the firewall ?

It works on my pc.But I heart firewall issue.All of programs has small issues on windows 10.Windows 10 compatible programs,too.I think it will fix in a short while.

yes i wait the new version

no news again ?
almost a week windows 10 is here and nothing
when comodo will be windows 10 compatible ?

Works. tkanks (:CLP)

no understand nothing :o