Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10 just wondering how many will be taking the free upgrade ?

Hi sAyer,
Yes I will give it a chance, one system only at first. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

Already using it. ;D

I’m using it as main operating system. :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly.

Have either of you had any compatibility issues with existing installed software at all with upgrade. Any loss of function or incompatibility ? Better yet would you recommend the upgrade in your opinion ?

Well I didn’t upgrade from Windows 7/8, I did a clean install with the Insider Preview .iso so I can’t say if the upgrade process would stop anything from working.

That said, I have been able to use most if not all the programs I usually have installed, exceptions would be BankID which is a thingie for the bank, Solved that by switching to Mobilt BankID instead. Another issue I’ve had is with Macrium viBoot which is an application to launch Macrium Reflect images directly in Hyper-V, it doesn’t run on Windows 10 currently, although at the same time it was released just a few days ago… so…

Anyway, besides that I haven’t had any compatibility issues… HOWEVER, when using Insider Preview we would get updates to newer builds which in practice is essentially like upgrading Windows from one version to another, this would always break the firewall in CIS, although it was easily fixed by doing a clean re-install of CIS, so with that in mind I would recommend uninstalling CIS before updating and then installing it again afterwards.

Software that I have on my system that works fine in Windows 10:

  • 7-zip
  • AI Suite 3 (Asus software)
  • Zemana AntiLogger Free
  • Audacity
  • AutoHotKey Compiler (and the created executables)
  • CCleaner
  • Comodo Dragon
  • COMODO Firewall
  • Dev-Cpp
  • Google Chrome
  • HashTab
  • HCS VoicePacks
  • LibreOffice
  • Livestreamer 1.12.2
  • Macrium Reflect Home Edition
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free
  • Mpv
  • Notepad++
  • Origin
  • Popcorn Time
  • Putty
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • Steam (and the games I’ve tried)
  • Team Viewer
  • Tixati
  • Vivaldi
  • VoiceAttack
  • Zemana AntiMalware

And coincidentally that is pretty much everything I have on my system, except Macrium viBoot, but they’ve stated they are working on it.

Now to the question, do I recommend an upgrade? Well that is up to you, however I’m personally having some issues with it. My first issue is that the built in Mail app isn’t working for my e-mail and through the Windows Feedback app I can see there are several others with the same issue. Another issue I have is that a recent update made the items in the start menu near impossible to move because they would simply snap back to their previous location, not sure if this issue is just me or if it’s common but I think it’s pretty much just me…
Also, Windows 10 also forces automatic updates on you, unless you have Windows 10 pro where you can set it to ‘notify before download and install’ in gpedit.msc and this may cause some issues for some people, especially as the setting to turn off driver updates through windows update isn’t working so you can’t turn it off… This spells forced automatic driver updates, which has caused problems for me more than thrice during the Tech Preview and Insider Preview…

Also, Windows 10 also forces automatic updates on you.
I Just can't live with that. If I upgrade it's gonna be pro or nothing.

Thanks Sanya IV Litvyak :slight_smile:

There is a fix for the Forced Updates now, from Microsoft. A separate app for Windows 10 will allow updates to be uninstalled, hidden, and any hidden updates are not reinstalled.

Well the updates are still forced to begin with, so if the updates would cause huge problems (Blue screen, instant freezes etc) then you may not have the possibility of uninstalling them. Also, you can uninstall updates without the separate app (it’s available in the Settings > Update & Security > Advanced options Search for “View installed updates” in windows; Drivers can be uninstalled through device manager) I assume the app you’re referring to is this, in that case it does work however I did hide an Nvidia driver update but it was still downloaded and installed a few days later so I have to question the efficiency of it, or perhaps they did some minor change to the Nvidia driver but didn’t change the version of it which then showed it as technically a new update(?)

The separate app I linked isn’t a fix, it’s a workaround to a problem which shouldn’t exist. By all means set automatic updates as default but allow the user to set it to notify through the registry or something (perhaps possible, last info I found on a registry fix was from build 9926 which didn’t work for me in 10240)(In pro you can use gpedit but Home version doesn’t have gpedit)

I don’t have THAT big a problem with forced microsoft updates, but when they break the driver setting then that’s an issue, several times Windows Update has identified wrong drivers and once essentially bricked my system and I had to restore an image via Macrium Reflect because I wasn’t able to fully uninstall the driver in Safe Mode. That’s something that wouldn’t have happened if it would just let me choose not to search for drivers, I mean there’s even a setting for it… But it doesn’t do anything!


There are already reports of problems caused by this installing update drivers for graphic cards 88)

I’m one of those who had issues with the forced driver installation for my graphics card, caused some major issues for me, of course it was something I expected since I was using a Tech Preview at the time, but that same behavior is also sadly going to be in final version. :-\

I had a very good experience. The only problems are related to the Windows Store-- I can’t get some applications to update and it’s probably a known issue by now.
The only compatibility problem that I’ve experienced was related to some Microsoft products, ironically. (More specifically, I was not able to uninstall these without any trouble.)
It’s also interesting that my Dolby drivers were detected/installed. My Wi-Fi drivers were not so I had to use Ethernet connection after a long time (to get the Wi-Fi drivers). 88)

PS: Regarding upgrade – You could update & do reset. That seems fine to me.

I made that mistake once allowed Windows Update to install Nvidia drivers had to use a image to get my desktop back, always go to their website now no problems.

As far as I am concerned forced updates are a big no, I would rather use something else than Windows 10 with forced updates.

Dennis, did you install nvidia drivers in the first case? I preferred the Windows Update method.
These are beta drivers anyway.

The original article I read is here:

After reading some forums it seems like quite a few people have gotten the Windows 10 update already, many have updated, some have tried and failed… Apparently Windows 10 updates are responsible for a load of a total ~10Tb/s among different distribution networks, it’s thought that it may go up to around 40Tb/s within a few days… That is some serious bandwidth. ;D

Blocking the upgrade.

I upgraded last night around 11pm and i kept getting an error. I had to reset windows update and do a couple of other things to finally get it to update correctly. After windows 10 installed i did a reset. Everything has been running great since.

I installed Windows10 on my laptop today. All programs are running correctly except Comodo free fire wall. Comodo desk top icon is red and
states it is at risk. It says to click the icon to fix all and restart. This does not solve the problem. Is Comodo free firewall compatible with Windoes10 as of today, 07/29/2015. If not, does anyone know when this will be fixed so it is compatible. I even uninstalled/re-installed Comodo free firewall and it still did not work properly. I then, in order to have something, turned the Windows firewall on, but I only want that to be a temporary measure.

10 picks up good vibrations.